Monday, September 7, 2009

Small things to will hopefully add up to a done project

Yet another weekend has passed with no blogging and more importantly, no pictures. I am working on it, I am just not working on it very fast.

Last weekend was spent with a visiting friend, so not much sewing went on, but we moved some things around in the sewing room and I have since been able to move some more things into the space that were still in the old room.

This past week, I managed to get to GStreet Fabrics and pick out some buttons for the blue jacket. I had a chance to do a few test runs with the Singer buttonholer I picked up on e-Bay for my old Singer 401. OMG, what a difference. That thing makes fabulous buttonholes and it doesn't even blink at the slightly thicker fabric of the jacket. I still have to play around with it a little more to get it all worked out (the jacket's button holes should be vertical and the basic instructions of the widget are for horizontal buttonholes), but the basics are there.

I assembled and attached the bottom band for the jacket and I am close to being done with the collar. After that it is down to inserting the sleeves and doing button related things. Naturally, schools starts up again today, so my slow progress may get even slower, but I will still try to get in there and do a little bit each week.

Oh, i also finished the last bit of hand sewing on my tunic and already wore it out to dinner. Overall, i am pretty happy with it.