Friday, July 31, 2009

Gadgets are a good thing

One of the sewing bloggers I follow (btw, can anyone explain to me why Blogger's internal spellchecker flags "blogger" as a typo, at least in the plural or the possessive? Anyone....Bueller?)
....where was I?

Oh yes, one of the sewing bloggers I follow was sharing her experiences with her new Singer buttonholer. I'm sorry I don't remember who it was, I was getting caught up on a few weeks' backlog and lost track somehow. Anyway, whoever you are, Thank You!

My first sewing machine was a Singer 401 my parents bought for me used about 25 years ago or so. The disks for the ornamental stiches had long been lost, as had most other accessories, but the machine sewed straight and zig-zag stitch forwards and backwards at an incredible speed with many layers of fabric, if neccessary. I couldn't make button holes, so I substituted other fastening options. Overall, it was and still is a wonderfull machine.

When I read about the Singer buttonholer mentioned above I thought that it sounded like a great tool, but one that didn't apply to me, since my Singer Futura does buttonholes nicely enough. Still, I went to see the linked clip that showed how the buttonholer worked. That clip showed the gadget on an old fashioned crank machine and I suddenly realized that I could look for a buttonholer for my 401.

I checked eBay last night and as luck would have it, they had one for just that model number, still in the original packaging (basically, it's new). I just won the auction for $4.99--squueeeee! I am looking forward to playing with it. If it works, I will probably set my Futura up as a permanent embroidery machine and use the 401 for most of the day to day sewing (which will suit me better, since the Futura, being all electronic, has a govenor and is irritatingly slow to sew with). Now I am looking for the disks that I need for the many decorative stitches the machine offers (not to me, of course, since I am missing those disks, but it would if I had them).

Okay, back to work....

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