Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is working out quite well

I mentioned yesterday that I won a buttonholer for my Singer 401 on e-bay. When I bid on that item I saw another buttonholer, but that one was bundled with the special disk collection (which enables the decorative stitches). When the 401 was gifted to me by my parents, those parts were no longer with the machine, in fact the only "special" item I ever had was a zipper foot I purchased a few years after I received the machine. Anyway, I bid on the disk/bottonholer combination, hoping I would get the disks. I just won that aution and I am very excited. I think there are 20 different disks, which should give me a nice selection of decorative stiches.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get a good copy or a decent link to paste in here, so I will just have to take pictures as these goddies come in.

Speaking of pictures, I do intend to spruce this blog up a little, i.e. add a header etc, but I haven't been off since starting it, so it will take a little while longer. I have an idea of what to do about a header, at least for now. I am taking picture of the sewing room as it develops, it will just take a littel more time to get that all lined up and added to the blog itself. Really, this blog is a test of will and strength for me as it combines several things I love but have a hard time doing as regularly as I should (sewing, photography and blogging).


  1. Oh, very ambitious for the WiaW. You've made some great pattern choices and the colors are terrific. We'll have to stand together for our photos since we'll be complimenting each other so well. :D

  2. Sherril, I think you are right, in fact, your fabric selection has inspired me to look for some dark red fabrics to "extend" my wardrobe.