Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life is what happens when you make other plans

The other plans, in this case, were to participate in the August WiaW and make 4 garments. Life, however, blessed us with an unexpected visit of a friend. Since our daughter just left for a year in Korea and still had about 4 large boxes worth of things in the guest room that needed to be sent to her (now that we have her address), we had to plan on some excavating of the guestroom, which we did last weekend. "While we were at it" (more delays started with that sentence than any other, lol) it was a perfect opportunity to take an extra chest of drawer out of the sewing room. Naturally, the item didn't just sit there waiting for us to come and pick it up, so things had to be shifted, messes had to be made and ongoing projects had to move over for a while. While I did manage to work on my jacket on Thursday and Friday, the rest of the weekend was filled with other activities.

This week, I worked on the sleeves of the jacket (only have to be inserted at this point) and the collar assembly and I started on the lower band. That was all done on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we had company and spent some lovely time with our friend. While I may not have finished the 4 items in the 2-ish weeks allowed, I did finish 1 item and made huge progress on a second. Unless I get a major brain cramp next week and mess up a bunch of things, I should be able to finish the jacket assembly. The buttonholes may add another week, since I am not sure my modern machine is up to the task, the fabric is quite thick. I will run some tests and decide. I do have the new buttonholer for the Singer 401, so I should be okay, but of course I have not worked with that or any external buttonholer, so it may take a little longer.

No matter, I've completely finished the last handsewing on 2 of the 3 former UFOs I was working on recently, so I am very very happy with the amount of sewing I have been able to get in over the past month or so. I think as I continue to get the space set up for myself and as I continue to spend a little time each week in there, I may get into a bit of a rhythm again. I actually picked up both InStyle and Vogue's fall fashion editions, "just in case" I might be looking for some inspiration.

Now, if I can just get into a more regular blogging habit, possibly one with pictures.....

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