Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going "Coco"

A few weeks ago, I came across a reference to "Chanel Sew-Along". I followed the links and discovered to my glee that there is going to be an informal sew along of a Chanel jacket (or coat or what not) between 1 September and somewhere towards the second or third week of November. Go here to follow the blog, get more info, or sign up.

Here is what I posted to introduce myself:

My mom sewed a "Chanel" jacket and wrap skirt about 45+ years ago. I'm not sure why she kept it all this time, especially since she didn't like it, but I think she struggled so much with it, she was not about to let it go. Surprisingly, she wanted me to have it, to "do something with", so I am going to attempt to turn both (tiny) pieces into one wearable jacket. As you may be able to see, the trim and lining has already been removed (thankfully it was not quilted down). I am starting over with the lining, of course, but I may reuse the trim.

Makes a nice contrast to the purple walls, lol. I just moved my sewing room into our daughter's old bedroom, therefore purple and green walls (they actually look pretty good). As you can see, there is a size issue to overcome.

Another one from the back

Once I pick both pieces apart, I need to zigzag all the edges and throw everything into a woolwash (by hand, of course) to get decades of dust out. I am "interviewing" several patterns right now and haven't decided yet, but once I narrow it down I will need to make a full muslin and then lay out and piece to that (I think).

Of course, since I started looking at patterns, I also looked at the Fall/Winter Couture Collection and liked it a lot, so now I am starting to eyeball this other fabric I have....oh no!

As to the latter, I just picked up some shoes that would work splendidly with a black and white Chanel-esque fabric I have been eyeballing, so I may be doomed, lol

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