Saturday, August 8, 2009

My WiaW plan

I tried to post to the SG thread about this, but couldn't remember how to include pictures, so I guess I will try my luck here first and try again tomorrow over at Artisan Square.

I think I may have mentioned that the WiaW is going to be all Navy. It doesn't look so hot in pictures, but it will work well with my existing wardrobe. Also, I have some other (more colorful) pieces in the planning stages already, so I won't entirely look like a "Nun light" when it's all done.

To start with, a dress. Somehow or another, I let myself run out of dresses, so it's about time to add a neutral one to the closet. This one should cover a multitude of occasions and seasons, with the addition of a jacket, or some accessories.

I realized, after i put the pattern after I put pattern and fabric together, that the cover art shows essentially the same fabric. I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened. It's hard to tell from this picture, but the dots are tan, rather than white, as it appears here. The dark blue on the right is the lining fabric.

Nest, a top. I have this wonderful borderprint that looks like a default skirt, but I wanted to use it a little differently, so I am going to try for a tunic.

The tunic to the very right is what I plan to make. I am probably going to use the white braid to accent the neckline, but I don't expect to use it around the bottom of the tunic or the sleeves, since that area will be mostly covered by the border print. I realize the fabric looks quite black on the screen, but is actually is a very deep midnight blue.

Lastly, I am going to make a little suit. I expect to wear either piece separately more than as a unit, but it is nice to have the option. The skirt is a new pattern to me, as are the two patterns above, but the jean style jacket is a TnT. I have made that jacket twice before and really like it. Silhouette Patterns are wonderful to work with, between the different cup sizes for the front, the well thought out assembly suggestions and the smaller seam allowance I am a fan.
It is almost impossible to see in the picture, but the fabric for both pieces is the same, a heavier handed cotton with a sort of embossed/woven-in pattern of leave like things.

I don't think I will pipe the skirt, but if I do, it will be the same fabric (which is why I think I won't, since it won't exactly be visible anyway). I am still debating if I should use some contrasting topstitching on the jacket, or if I should go all blue for a change, I haven't decided yet.

Tomorrow, I may get a chance to take a few more pictures and post some more, I have that UFO jacket to finish and take picture off and there is the Chanel sew-along I just found out about. I really have stuff to post about that, but pictures are definitively needed there (as a hint, I think I will rework a "Chanel" suit my mom made about 45 years or more ago into a jacket for myself).

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